The Global Fund Icon System

Client: The Global Fund

Services: Visual Identity

Year: 2014

This project was completed while I was a Graphic Designer at Union Design, a multi-disciplinary studio based in New York, reporting to the Design Director and Digital Media Director.

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria mobilizes and invests nearly US$4 billion a year to support programs run by local experts in countries and communities most in need. As a partnership between governments, civil society, the private sector and people affected by the diseases, the Global Fund is accelerating the end of AIDS, TB and malaria as epidemics.

The Global Fund’s initial attempts of creating and utilizing icons resulted in various sets of icons that were overly complex at first glance and because these icons were being created by different organizational groups, this led to a lack of overall cohesion and consistency.

The Global Fund asked Union to analyze the existing family of icons being used throughout the organization. After careful analysis of where icons could be used to provide clarity and understanding, Union was asked to produce a set or family of icons that could be used throughout the organization across all media types: Digital Platforms, Digital Assets, Core Communications Materials, Print and Publications.