Joliâme Branding Design

Client: Joliâme

Services: Visual Identity

Year: 2016

Joliâme is an online social media network for beauty enthusiasts, enabling its users to post, share, follow and exchange content about beauty & health products and services. The site aims to create a community where people feel confident and beautiful in their own skin, celebrating diversity and empowering their members.

Joliâme = Jolie (beautiful) + Âme (soul/spirit) – The visual identity reflect these two elements by presenting a modern crisp color combination of graceful coral and fresh blue together with a delicate soft logotype. Rather than trying to find a symbol for beauty, which can lead to overused and cliché images of flowers, lips, butterfly, flame, etc., the visual identity of Joliâme tries to convey the site’s outlook: contemporary, confident and intimate.