A Just Transition for the Global South

Client: Olof Palm International Center & SOLIDAR

Services: Editorial Illustration

Art Direction: Cajsa Unnbom

Graphic Design: Blossom Global

Year: 2022

A series of illustrations for a study called “A Just Transition for the Global South” conducted by SOLIDAR (a European and worldwide network of Civil Society Organizations working to advance social justice through a just transition in Europe and worldwide) and Olof Palm International Center (the Swedish labour movement’s umbrella organization for international solidarity and advocacy)

🌿This study is intended to inform support and learning for a Just Transition in the Global South.

🌿 What is Just Transition? The concept comes from the trade union movement to address the need for rights and justice in the response to the climate and environmental crisis. Workers and ordinary people should not be carrying the burden of reducing emissions.

🌿This study was printed and distributed at @stockholmplus50 2022. The full study can be viewed here.